She is Phineas' husband and Annie's mother.

Past LifeEdit

Main Article: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Adult LifeEdit

Before they had AnnieEdit

After they married, they temporarily lived in Switzerland, where Phineas earned his award. In a middle of something, she convinced him to have a child but he was shock of what he said. Suddenly she got mad, and fortunately he agreed.

After that, she started the dinner first and then the Honeymoon where they had their love-making scene.

During her pregnancyEdit

Isabella did experience a lot of signs and symptoms in her pregnancy years, and practiced a lot of techniques to have a healthy child, as stated by Candace, who was responsible for all of this.

Parenthood yearsEdit

They move to Danville and start their life again.


Phineas FlynnEdit

  • As together, she told him about her feelings for him since their childhood, then he understood.
  • She really cares for him.

Annie Flynn Edit

  • She forced her to join the Fireside Girls.
    Annie the fireside girl by pjcb12-d35uaz0

    Isabella, forcing Annie to join the Fireside Girls.

  • They seldom fight over Phineas.
  • She actually loves her as her only child.