Bob and robert by antooncartoon-d4jrjok

Robert Hirano, art by Antooncartoon

Robert Hirano


Rob, Robbie, Robbie Boy








Stacy Hirano


Other Relatives

Nikki Hirano (Aunt)

Robert John Hirano, or Robert, is only son of Stacy Hirano and Coltrane . His aunts are Nikki Hirano and the others that are Stacy's Cousins .

His best friend is Bob Fletcher and he has a big crush on Annie Flynn.

Early LifeEdit

When he was 5-years-old, his father decided to work to Chicago instead of Danville, because his life was better there but he wished to come to dinner at the Flynn's house. ("That Secretive Feeling Chapter 2")


He almost acts both like Jeremy and Isabella in a sense that he has a big crush on Annie.

He also participates in almost everything of Annie and Bob's everyday contraptions.

He gets angry and disgusted when Amelia flirts on him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has black hair with a Justin Bieber style called the fringe, and wears a sky blue T-shirt, asparagus trousers and a pair of black and white shoes.

In his high school years, his hair grows a bit at the back with the same style and clothing. He has a basketball attire with the name "DHS Sharks" (Annie and Bob Comic:"The High School Life")

In his toddler years, he wears the same T-shirt with a red bowtie, the same shoes, asparagus short trousers, and white knee socks.